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The STAK Story

STAK is built by industry experts and engineered to create reach, transparency, opportunity and a true meritocracy.

Problem Statement

“How do buyer and seller find each other as efficiently as possible, without in any way compromising the integrity of specialism and professional advice at point of delivery?”

Hence STAK, an open-market digital matchmaker fronted by verified professional advisers to the wealthy.

Our founder first started working with Global Family Offices on the threshold of the 2008 financial crisis and had first-hand experience of how private capital was influencing the strategic decisions of major wealth managers and banks, seeding the major trends in new sectors and taking risks that public markets later benefitted from.

What was striking was how private capital found services and opportunity; often channeled through a narrow personal network, restricted by the capabilities and reach of their immediate contacts. Also, the irony that sophisticated Family Offices were highly private in their activities but with a voracious appetite for opportunity (particularly in a crisis situation!) often outside the reach or appetite of institutions or retail investors.

Further experience working with investment managers, trustees and professional advisers proved that those without long-established formal family office structures sought out solutions through their existing trusted advisers; sourcing third party advice or services through their existing trusted advisers.

The goal was clear: find a way to liberate private capital through better access to advice and opportunity!

Our Ambition

Private capital, i.e. investment deployed by individuals or businesses not reflected in listed/ public markets or scale collective investment Private Equity/ Venture Capital, is on track to control over $100 trillion of investable capital in the next 5 years. $30 trillion changes hands this decade, and the way this market finds services, opportunities and investors is changing at pace.

Private capital is also the key stimulus for transformation of traditional industries through adoption of technology, helping our world to adjust to new challenges: somebody has to take the early stage risk to realize real innovation!

Private capital, if directed correctly and efficiently, can be an incredible force for good.

Our Model

Anyone creating wealth has trusted a professional adviser with their story and their ambitions. We are a community of verified professional advisers representing their wealthy clients in their search for opportunities, investors or services. Our members also benefit from being able to surface their skills and track record to their peers, with STAK managing referrals and opportunities as an incentive for engagement in a true meritocracy.

We believe that the answer to the challenges of regulation, managing the bad actors, limited reach, is a single marketplace connecting advisers to the wealthy as they navigate the complexity of searching for good advice, quality opportunity, like-minded co-investors.

STAK is built by industry experts and engineered to create reach, transparency, opportunity and a true meritocracy.


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