FCA Regulated Adviser with USD20bn of transactions completed looking to provide clean-up/ liquidity solutions before year-end


Published on: 11th October 2023

Timeline expectations: In the next 3 months


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It’s the time of the year when investors realize that they might have a need for a clean-up transaction before year end. Adviser can look at anything that needs to be sold/traded/transferred etc. before year end (such as fund interests, claims, property, corporate holdings, etc.). All major currencies considered but typically GBP, USD, EUR, CHF. Could also take positions onto a Family Office’s own book and have an upside sharing agreement with the seller/transferor in cases where the seller/transferor doesn’t want to incur another set of fees if not sold before year end (such as admin or custodian fees, legal, reporting, accounts etc.) but at the same time believes there is more value to it than what can be achieved with an outright sale. *Credentials and examples within* *Subject to contract and due diligence*


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