Factoring company seeks partner for 10m-50m EU/USD debt line; 10% yield for credit insured blue chip corporate receivables


Published on: 9th October 2023

Timeline expectations: In the next 3 months


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Established business delivers working capital solutions through a proprietary cloud-based platform that provides non-recourse, flexible, secure and scalable funding to clients. Firm has discounted c. €1.5 billion invoices to date for over 450 clients based in the UK, USA, Canadian and European markets. Model transfers the credit risk from its clients to highest quality buyers/debtors based in circa 45 OECD countries where the receivables are credit insured, verified and payable directly by the buyer/debtor. First level risk covered; institutional grade due diligence and reporting. Require €10-50m debt line paying 10% to facilitate demand, with the aim of funding €2 billion of receivables annually by 2025. **Detailed deck attached within** ***Professional Investors Only*** MINIMUM CRITERIA and CONDITIONS APPLY


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